Volunteering in an Orphanage/Children's home is one of unique opportunity where you will feel that you are a real part of the Nepalese family not only the time of your duration but also for your life time. It is a great chance that you will experience the Nepalese way of sustaining, languages, hospitality and wonderful memories to spending sharing your time gifts to the children. Volunteering in an orphanage means helping the children for their school activities, teaching English and other practical things like songs, dramas, games etc.

We started the volunteering programme by the beginning of year 2008 and several volunteers from UK, Scotland, Holand, Canada, USA, New Zealand, Australia etc have enjoyed their time with us. Long-term volunteering is also possible with us. If you are also considering to volunteer with us please just write to us for further details at: bcsndhading@yahoo.com or ask with previous volunteers.

Volunteer Stories:

Kristen Kropp

Jay Masiha (Christian greetings) everyone!

My name is Kristen Kropp and I am from Colorado, U.S.A. and I am 21 years old. I spent a total of about five weeks living at Faith Foundation Children's home in March and part of May in 2009. I really could never say enough about the generosity and beauty of this family. They did everything within their power to bless me and to make sure that I had everything I needed. I spent the majority with the girls: Christina, Priya, and Puja, attempting to help them with their English homework and other studies (I am definitely convinced that they are far smarter than I ever will be). I know I learned more from them than they ever learned from me. Schoolwork, volleyball, singing, football, and dancing kept all of us pretty busy. All of the kids are really great with varying personalities, talents, and gifts. You should really go and spend time with them! And get to know them. Bam and Gita are the "parents" of the children's home and they are truly wonderful people. Gita is probably the best cook in the entire country of Nepal, and she'll go out of her way to make sure you always have enough food to eat. Seriously, meal times were one of the best times of the day.
I was blown away and incredibly encouraged by Gita's faith and her dedication to serving the children and loving Jesus. She taught me so much!
The local Church in Dhading is also incredibly welcoming, and even though I had no idea what was being said during the teaching, I still really enjoyed it. The music and the worship were a huge blessing and just to be able to sing and praise with my Nepalese brothers and sisters was such an awesome experience. I was challenged in my faith for sure.
I could never begin to express how much I learned in Dhading (did I mention that it's absolutely beautiful there!). When I left, I felt like I was leaving a new family behind. I hope that someday I'll be able to go back and be with all of them.
I'd definitely encourage anyone who is considering volunteering in Dhading to go and do it! They will be needing help in the next year or so with building the new home. If you have any questions at all, I'd love to talk to you! I really would. Please email me at: kristenkropp@gmail.com

Blessings to all of you.

Sharon De Ruiter (24).

Hi everyone
My name is Sharon and I am from The Netherlands.
I am very glad to share a little about my experience with the Dhading family.
I came to Dhading in July 2009 and I have had a wonderful experience.
Dhading is a place approximately 3 hours from Kathmandu.
It is surrounded by hills and it is very beautiful.
The Dhading family is taking care of 10 children.
They do not only help the children by providing food but they are caring and loving each and every child.
They recently bought land to build a new house so they can take care of even more children.
At the end of the raining season (monsoon) they will start building (so probably in September 2009)
If you have the opportunity to come and you would like to help with that, your help is really needed.
You will also have a wonderful time with the children, who are very loving and playful.
When I stayed there I prayed with them, helped them with homework and I gave computer lessons.
I was also teaching English to some local people.
For me it was important that I could make a difference.
I am thankful for my time in Nepal, to learn more and to be a part of many lives.
I hope that the children will grow up as loving and caring children that will seek God so they will change their family, they will change their school and that they will change their nation.
Please pray for them and for Nepal.

Many blessings,

My name is Joe Kennedy, I am 19 and from Scotland. This is my final day here as a volunteer at the Dhading Besi Children home and this is just a short note to describe my amazing experience. Today marks 1 month since I have been here in the simply stunning Dhading district, and from start to finish the host (Bam) and his wife (Gita) have catered my every need from food and bed to outings and excursions. Their generosity has gone far out with my hopes and expectations. As to the children themselves: never before have had I come across such warm and open children. Everyday with them has been an utter delight. The usual daily tasks needing done with the children are: helping them get ready for school (if it is a school day); singing and playing games; helping them learn English (and in return learning your fair share of  Nepali); but most importantly just spending time with them. Sometimes the work can be tiring but it is nothing compared with the satisfaction and happiness you feel at the end of everyday.

Finally all that is left to do is thank Bam for the wonderful opportunity he has given me to meet such fantastic children and gain an insight in to the true Nepal. My happy memories from here will last a life time.
For anyone who is considering volunteering here I cannot recommend it enough and if you have any questions you would like to ask me, feel free at: joenk001@hotmail.com.

Will Anderson (18),

If you are looking for a different and special experience during your gap year or are simply eager to discover a new country and culture, then you need look no further than volunteering with Faith Foundation Nepal. I am now spending my last night of an amazing 5 weeks living in the beautiful hills of Dhading Nepal, and from the 1st day I arrived I have completely loved the experience. I had no idea what to expect before coming and was understandably nervous, but within hours of playing football with the wonderful children, eating the delicious home cooked chapattis and vegetable curries, and getting to know the brilliant nooks and crannies of Dhading Bensi with Bam himself, I knew that this experience would reach far beyond my expectations – and so it has!

I have done my best to aid and teach the children, however there is no doubt that it is me who has gained the most out of my time here. I have helped them with their English, taught them a few guitar chords and tried to turn them into young footballers aspiring to be the Nepalese version of David Beckham, but this is nothing compared to the warmth and kindness that they have shown me. I will leave Nepal able to sing various traditional songs and cook a damn good Noodle soup, but most importantly I will leave with the brilliant memories of my time with Bam, Gita and the Children.

Do not even hesitate about volunteering if you have the opportunity as I assure you it will be an utterly fantastic experience, but if you do have anything you would like to find out before hand then I am more than willing to answer your questions at William_anderson@hotmail.co.uk 

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