Our vision/goal is:

To uplift the economically, socially, politically, educationally and geographically deprived children and communities of Nepal.

To give children who are disadvantaged by poverty or family background a chance to establish for themselves a happy life and secure job prospects.


  • To educate the helpless and orphans living in the children’s home. Currently we have 10 children.
  • To provide some scholarships to children from remote districts to enable them to attend local schools.
  • Provide clothing, school uniforms and basic school supplies for the poor children in the remote villages.
  • To set aside funds for the future needs of our children’s college/University education or Job Skills training.
  • To provide a loving and safe environment for children.
  • To rehabilitate child labourers.
  • To conduct informal education for illiterate adults.
  • To supply drinking water and sanitation program in the rural villages of Dhading Nepal.
  • To organized medical camps in the rural villages of Dhading Nepal.

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