The Children's Home founded by Faith Foundation is in Dhading Bensi, the headquarters of Dhading District. It is situated in the beautiful location and has lovely views of mountains/countryside, sparkling river, fields - and fresh air.

The Home currently accommodates 10 children. Their names and photos are given below:

Christina Tamang
Priya Pakhrin
Moses Gurung
David Tamang
Peter Tamang
Kumar Shrestha
Harun Tamang
Stephen Tamang
Pooja BK
Joshua Lama

Sponsorship Program:
In Nepal especially Himalayan regions  there are large numbers of children who are unable to attend school due to the poverty, their parents can't offered the basic needs of their school supplies such as uniforms and school supplies. Keeping those things in minds we have started to help the children by providing their basic school supplies to create an environment to continue their schools and to make them responsible person in the future.

Your small efforts and supports can bring huge change in the life of those marginalized children....

Than P. Itani: is one the victimized fatherless orphaned children, who is fourteen years old and  in grade 4 in a public school Sthanapati Primary School Chainpur-2, Dhading. By the year 2007 we have been sponsoring him for his all basic school supplies, he has been attending school regularly and making excellent progress in the school.

Surendra B. Chhatkuli: this little boy of 8 is also one of the poorest children from Chainpur-2, Dhading studding in class two in the same school. Who is also doing good in the school since we are sponsoring him for his school needs last couple of years.

There are many more such victimized children in Nepal, missing the ways due to poverty and waiting  for your help, so no matter what support could donate would be highly appreciated and your small gift can change and give them new life. So we appeal you to post a gift to help them, your help would directly go to the children for their uplift.

Please write us today for your gift at:
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